Life is all about light and light is re-incarnated as SPL LED! SPL is not just another LED light brand… it’s a brand synonymous with quality and trust. It’s a brand born out of sheer passion and a desire to offer Indian as well as global customers a better and more trustworthy lighting option.

Developed by the most experienced experts, SPL LED products not only meet but exceed the international quality standards. Be it appearance or performance, SPL offers the best results making its mark in the lighting industry.


Brand SPL is developed by a renowned industrial conglomerate


SEJASMI is a highly diversified technology driven conglomerate focused on implementing innovative processes and operational efficiencies to deliver the cost-effective quality standards expected from our diverse products. >

Powered by a highly skilled and motivated workforce of more than 300 employees, SEJASMI caters to customers in major countries offering a wide range of products and services. Being in the industry for more than 3 decades, the company is committed to customer satisfaction by applying leading technologies and sound business practices to optimize our manufacturing environment.

The Technical Manufacturing Expertise of the company lies in
• Gravity Casting
• Low Pressure Die Casting
• High Pressure Die Casting

The Value-Add Services that the company offers are
• Machining
• Heat Treatment

SEJASMI Industries is working towards finding innovative solutions and growth opportunities to improve the quality of life, in India and the world over. Widely acknowledged as one of the fastest developing countries, many of India’s needs today are in concurrence with the areas of SEJASMI’s expertise. And thus, the company is diversifying into manufacturing LED light under the brand name SPL. Energy efficient, low-cost and durable lighting is essential for today’s world and fulfilling this requirement, SPL LEDs are an exceptional combo of the best components with innovative optical, electrical and thermal designs to create LED lights and systems that are optimized for superior performance.